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Granite pet memorial

6" x 10" x 2" Black Granite

animal gravestone

24" x 12" x 4" Black Granite

pet monument

16" x 8" x 6" Black Granite Bevel

1 2 3 specializes in granite pet memorials. With three generations in the stone industry we have the expertise to create a quality granite memorial for you. All of our work is done right here in the USA and our products are made to last. Memorializing your pet with one of our granite pet memorials is as easy as uploading a photograph and entering the text. We offer several styles of pet markers that range from stones you can display in the home or pet garden, to monuments that can be used in pet cemeteries.

Material Quality

With years of experience in the stone industry, we are able to source our pet memorial stones from some of the best granite quarries in the world. For your memorial to be the best it can be, we need a perfect canvas. Each memorial stone is inspected for quality before it is engraved. Our stones are checked for proper density, polish, and grain structure. This allows us to provide you with the most exceptional memorial that we can.


Each stone is engraved with a high definition laser; this is the same process that is used to engrave headstones in most cemeteries. This means your memorial will last for hundreds of years to come and will leave behind proof of a legacy filled with love and caring just like your pet has for you.


We create these memorials because our pets are part of our families and often times they are our best friend. After losing my beloved Brittany Spaniel we began to provide pet parents with the best memorial they could get. We realized that there was no other company that had a focus primarily on memorials. We believe that you should do one thing and do it well. .